• National Finals 2023/2024

    Compete at RSNCA events to be in the running for fantastic end of year National Finals awards!

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  • Bring your horse and have fun!

    We are dedicated to the sport that combines timed event competition with true to life cow work.
    Join us and be a part of this great ranching lifestyle!

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  • Youth 6-12Yrs & Overall High Point Champion 23/24 - Taliesha Tiller (SA)

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  • Preserving the Ranch Lifestyle - One sort at a time!

    Anyone who can throw a leg over a horse can compete in RSNCA Ranch Sorting. We offer fun and family oriented access to this exciting competition

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  • Renew your Competitor Application - It's easy!

    Either complete your application online or download the forms and email them back to us

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  • Lifetime Ranch Sorter - Kevin Stapleton

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  • Make Friends all over Australia!

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Ranch Sorting National Championships Australia (RSNCA) is the exclusive provider of Ranch Sorting in Australia affiliated with RSNC in the USA, giving our contestants the opportunity to compete Nationally & Internationally

What is Ranch Sorting?

Ranch Sorting is one of the only sports in the Equine World where everyone in the family can compete… and together. It gives everyone the opportunity to compete, win and get the recognition and rewards that in most equine sports are only for the very top competitors.

Why are RSNCA events so popular?

RSNCA offers a competitive family fun horse sport anyone can afford. The comradery amongst contestants and also fellow producers is an asset to our sport and provides a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

Is Winning Attainable?

Any person that can ride a horse can be competitive in RSNCA ranch sorting. The RSNCA 9-point rating system, combined with the handicapping system, levels the playing field and gives all participants a fair chance to WIN!

The handicapping system encourages the teaming of skilled sorters with less experienced partners while the Masters classes fee the appetite of the mature competitor.

Find out more about Ranch Sorting

Join the great sport of Ranch Sorting today!

New contestants join Free for their first points year, now is the perfect time to try it.

Events and Clinics

Ranch Sorting Clinic - B&L Performance Horses - (Mirannie NSW)

B&L Performance Horses - (Mirannie NSW)

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