What is Ranch Sorting?

Ranch Sorting is one of the only sports in the Equine World where everyone in the family can compete… and together. It gives everyone the opportunity to compete, win and get the recognition and rewards that in most equine sports are only for the very top competitors.

Ranch sorting is a timed event, not a judged event. You are rated in a 9 point rating system that is based on statistical performance and not opinion.

Ranch sorting is typically a 2-man team sorting 10 cattle numbered 0-9 and 1 unnumbered cow for a total of 11 head. A producer has the option to add 1 more unnumbered cow. A run starts with teams on opposite side of start line from cattle.

The judge will raise the flag when the pen is ready. The judge will signal the beginning of the run by dropping the flag when the nose of the first horse crosses the start/foul line and the first number to be sorted will be announced. – The announcer will draw a number, which will determine the first cow to be sorted. The cattle will then be sorted increasing in sequence from that number. If two or more cows cross the line together as long as the nose of the correct number or numbers cross the line first the cattle are considered to be in order regardless of whether they finish crossing in that order. Cows are not counted as sorted until they are completely across the line. Also, if any part of a wrong numbered cow starts across the line it is a no time or if any part of a correct numbered cow starts across the line and then backs out it is also considered a no time.

The cattle must be sorted in number sequence. If any part of a cow crosses the start/foul line out of sequence before the correct cow starts across the start/foul line a disqualification will occur. A disqualification will also occur if any part of a sorted cow re-crosses the start/foul line. Any cow not entirely across the start/foul line will not be counted. The 10th cow must be completely across the line before the blank cow starts across or the team will receive a no time.

Why are RSNCA events so popular?

RSNCA offers a competitive family fun horse sport anyone can afford. The comradery amongst contestants and also fellow producers is an asset to our sport and provides a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

  • Ride up to 5 times in a class

    You can ride up to 5 times in a class (5 different partners - Pick up to 4 partners & Auto draw 1). Don’t have a partner?.. That’s no problem you can select Auto draws and our unique computer program will find your partners!

  • Mandatory Auto Pick

    Mandatory Auto pick breaks down social barriers and enables competitors to meet new competitors who they may not necessarily get the opportunity to ride with forming new partnerships and friendships!

  • Jackpots

    Classes are jackpotted so competitors have an opportunity to WIN cash.

Why is Ranch Sorting so Popular

Is Winning Attainable?

Any person that can ride a horse can be competitive in RSNCA ranch sorting. The RSNCA 9-point rating system, combined with the handicapping system, levels the playing field and gives all participants a fair chance to WIN!

The handicapping system encourages the teaming of skilled sorters with less experienced partners while the Masters classes fee the appetite of the mature competitor.

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